Month: July 2020

eIDAS MFA for SignServer

PrimeKey SignServer is a great solution for central management of digital signing operations, including signing of documents, code, timestamping, and many more. If you never had a chance, we definitely recommend to give it a try! Recent release of the SignServer adds support for JWT to allow signature requests based on the provided JSON Web Token …

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We are living in a world full of smart devices and connected infrastructure. Internet of Things is becoming  part of our everyday life with expected boom in the upcoming years. This is especially noticeable in car industry. We are able to control the car, access various information  and automatically arrange the service needed using our …

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Different faces of Certificate Lifecycle Management

What is the first thing on your mind when someone says Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM)? Within the answer you can discover different perspectives many kinds of businesses can have on CLM. During our experience with multitude of public key infrastructures and their uses cases, we have found that for each customer CLM can have a …

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