2021 – Year of products and solutions development

For all of us in 3Key, the year 2021 was full of potential and exciting work. We really enjoy working on various projects and providing our advice based on long-term experience and knowledge in the field of information security.

If you’re familiar with 3Key, you already know that the support of the community and customers, helping to enhance the security in the digital world, is for us in the the first place. The revenue is by us considered as the side effect when we do things properly, enabling us to move faster, go further and grow stronger.

A short look back into 2021

When we look back into the year 2021, the following are the most important achievements:

  • we have started our transformation to be 100% product-based company focusing on a specific development instead to be a general consulting and advisory
  • RA Profiles becomes open source, CZERTAINLY platform that helps to manage certificate and cryptographic keys and support any technology
  • development of CVE Radar as a service to timely detect security vulnerabilities
  • our unique solution for qualified remote signing gets a traction and supports multiple signature activation modules and more
  • collaboration with the technology partners to bring the user conveniency for complex topics
We continuously support building more secure world. We also became a member of the PKI Consortium where we collaborate with others to enhance PKI.

The revenue is by us considered as the side effect when we do things properly, enabling us to move faster, go further and grow stronger.

Challenges for 2022

With all of the development we have invested in, we are even more motivated and eager to see how it can help you. We started to build a community around our efforts and are looking forward to seeing many new use cases and ideas you can come up with!

Some of the challenges that are waiting for us:

  • increase the development capacity
  • create a better awareness about what we are trying to achieve
  • build a partnership program
  • maintain and develop and open-source software
  • learn how to put it all together with the business development and marketing

We will do our best also in the upcoming year! We would be more than happy to work with you closely to bring new ideas and innovation to information security field!

Stay tuned!

CZERTAINLY is a platform for effective and efficient certificate lifecycle management for companies of any size and individuals. One of its goals is to provide an easy and affordable way to secure digital communication and support information security in more and more connected world.

CVE Radar is database of information security vulnerabilities with ergonomic web user interface for quick and easy identification of security risks that may affect your personal or work equipment. It simplifies life of security specialists during daily operations or consulting missions.

eIDAS SignServer

The eIDAS package for the SignServer is a set of modules and implementations that enables eIDAS compliant remote signing on advanced or qualified assurance level. It is a everything you need package, which is further developed in time to support various technologies and use cases.

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