3Key Add-ons for PrimeKey®

3Key Add-ons for PrimeKey® EJBCA® Enterprise and PrimeKey® SignServer Enterprise provide additional functionality for the CA, RA, VA, and remote signing solution, which helps to streamline development and integration of new services, monitor various components of the solution, and provide reports and alerts on defined events.

Main benefits of using 3Key Add-ons


Setup services and manage the behaviour based on your needs. Change algorithms and profiles without impact on integrated clients and end entities. You do not have to be a PKI professional to use certificates.


Out-of-the-box dashboards and visualizations helps you to quickly see the status and attributes of your environment and services. Be notified and never miss important events. Align with incident response plans.


Extensions are compatible with each other. You can choose to start with one extension and deploy additional later, or you can use them all from the start. Adjust them as your environment and services grow.


Start to use our extensions when you are ready. It does not matter whenever your EJBCA or SignServer has been running for years, or you have just started. You are able to work with all of your data without losing any information.

Available Add-ons

3Key DMR Add-on for EJBCA

Dashboarding, Monitoring, and Reporting solution for EJBCA

3Key RA Profiles Add-on for EJBCA

Integration components for EJBCA to streamline service-based operations

3Key DMR Add-on for SignServer

Dashboarding, Monitoring, and Reporting solution for SignServer


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    About EJBCA and SignServer

    EJBCA Enterprise

    EJBCA Enterprise covers all your needs for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Management.

    SignServer Enterprise

    A server-side digital signature software used to sign digital documents, PDFs and code, and to issue time stamps.

    About 3Key Company

    3Key Company possesses a great ability to apply knowledge, experience, and skills to create unique solutions that anyone can rely on. The focus is put on information security, data intelligence, and consulting. 3Key Company helps to streamline business activities and protect critical assets. Trusted and recognized professionals with innovative technologies can show you how to improve performance and reduce costs.

    About PrimeKey

    PrimeKey is one of the world's leading companies for PKI and digital signing solutions. With the products EJBCA Enterprise, SignServer Enterprise and the PrimeKey SEE, they deliver the capability to implement an enterprise grade PKI system ready to support solutions such as IoT, e-ID, e-Passports, authentication, digital signatures, code signing, digital identities, and validation; all solutions where digital certificates would be a main enabler.

    PrimeKey and EJBCA are trademarks of PrimeKey Solutions AB.