3Key DMR Add-on for PrimeKey® EJBCA® Enterprise

3Key Add-on for PrimeKey® EJBCA® Enterprise
Dashboarding, Monitoring, and Reporting

For each security professional, the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) represents the baseline of digital protection and trust. As the PKI grows and more certificates are issued, the management of certificate lifecycle becomes challenging. It is important to have a good visibility on each certificate and its attributes to not only have a control, but also to comply with various standards.

Overview of operations in time

Custom visualization and dashboards

Reporting and statistics

Monitoring and notification


  • EJBCA node data is collected and presented in a various views
  • Cluster of the EJBCA nodes can be deployed as CA, RA, or VA and analytics is provided by the extension in one place fort the whole cluster
  • Flexible and modular solution which can be further customized
  • Supports various operational aspect as well as use-cases
  • Supports all standard data types of the EJBCA

Dashboards and visualizations

Visualizations are put together to produce meaningful dashboards. Custom visualizations are built based on requirements.

Standard EJBCA dashboard contains the following information in time:

  • Total number of logs in time with the option to filter
  • Event module distribution
  • Event service distribution
  • Event status distribution
  • Event type distribution
  • List of most active EJBCA administrators
  • List of most popular End Entities

Certificate lifecycle management

Using the certificate attributes, see the dashboard containing relevant visualizations. You can use your imagination and prepare different types of visualizations to include in the final dashboard, it is up to you. There are many out-of-the box, for example:

  • Number of expired and non-expired certificates
  • Number of certificates expiring in 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days
  • Distribution of public key sizes
  • Distribution of signature algorithms
  • Heat map of public key sizes in relation with signature algorithms
  • Table of certificates with nearest expiration date
  • Distribution of public key types


Get the overview of the operations and be informed in time.

Reports are generated from the snapshots of the visualizations and dashboards on a regular basis.

Scheduled reporting provides insights into the EJBCA operations, different views for different perspectives (e.g. business vs operations).

Filtered data is saved in CSV, exported for system reporting purposes, or additionally processed.

Types of ReportsFormat of Reports

Monitoring and alerting

Complete visibility of EJBCA data enables extensive options for monitoring.

Dashboard data can automatically refresh each few seconds, enabling the operational team to have up-to-date information at all times.

Notifications are triggered per defined rules, typical notification setup includes:

  • Certificates before its expiration
  • Failure of issuing CAs
  • Unavailability of CryptoToken
  • Access by privileged user
  • Change in the Profiles configuration
  • Number of requests reached threshold

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