3Key and i4p improving PKI and remote signing

We are happy to announce our partnership with the i4p Informatics, vendor of the Trident hardware security module. Our partnership brings unique solutions to the market for the public key infrastructure (PKI) and electronic remote signing service (RSS).

PKI is a basic building block for trusted and secure electronic communication. RSS relies heavily on the robust and consistent PKI issuing long-term or short-term certificates for identified individuals or companies. The eIDAS compliance of our joint efforts enables all customers, independently on size and complexity, to achieve remote signing on advanced or qualified level.

We are excited to provide such a solution and are looking forward to work together on improvements!

Stay tuned!

3Key Trident SAM Crypto Token

Signature Activation Module (SAM) plays a crucial role to achieve security and user’s sole control when private keys are managed on behalf of the users by a trusted service provider (aka remote signing). It is also one of the requirements of the eIDAS regulation in order to provide advanced or qualified remote signing service.

The Trident SAM has successfully attained Common Criteria EAL 4+ certification v1.0 (Evaluation Assurance Level EAL 4 augmented by AVA_VAN.5 and ALC_FLR.3 based on ISO/IEC 18045:2008) meeting the requirements of the Protection Profile for QSCD for Server Signing (EN 419241-2) with strict conformance. The underlying CM (Crypto Module) is a Qualified Signature and Seal Creation Device (QSCD) under eIDAS.

We have developed Trident SAM Crypto Token module for the SignServer offering high value for customers that would like to remotely sign and seal any type of data in eIDAS compliant way.

Trident HSM

Trident HSM is the first hardware security module (HSM) to combine high-level hardware security and multi-party computation in order to provide the highest level of data protection required in business.

This offers exceptional security, authentication and encryption for organizations. Trident HSM received the Common Criteria (CC) EAL4+ certification, which is the highest level of certification available for HSM modules in Europe.

Trident HSM enables organizations to ensure outstanding security for their sensitive data and meet the requirements of the most common standards including GDPR, eIDAS and PSD2.

The core of the solution is the unique and patent pending multi-party computation technology that has never been used in HSM modules before.

About i4p Informatics

i4p is an outstanding innovator in the field of IT security solutions and an expert of protecting your cryptographic keys and secrets. i4p is the vendor of Trident hardware security module and its main activity is the development of applied cryptography solutions. i4p is the first company to offer a certified hardware security module with multi-party cryptography* that provides the highest level of data protection required in business.

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