3Key Company joined PKI Consortium

Recently, PKI Consortium approved 3Key Company as one of its members. We are very happy and looking forward to collaborate with the PKI Consortium and other members on various PKI topics.

Our company always had an open and transparent approach to the PKI. We strongly support education, study of new technologies, and knowledge sharing in an open, respectful, and trusted environment, where ideas can be explored and developed.

We consider the PKI as one of the basic security principles in the modern digital world and we believe that our collaboration with the PKI Consortium will bring:

  • better awareness on PKI – communication is crucial in order to have a good understanding of what is the PKI and how do we use it in order to protect ourselves and others, we are committed to share our knowledge
  • ideas that may lead to PKI improvements – our long-term experience with various PKI technologies and regulatory frameworks brings ideas that can help everyone to improve
  • affordable PKI for everyone – we believe that the PKI should be available to everyone without any difference in the number of certificates, use cases, or complexity
  • consolidated frameworks, standards, and regulations – interoperability, and common understanding often lead to an improvement in the procedures, effective management of the trust, but also to improvement in technologies
  • open tools – that help us all to achieve the above

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be happy to discuss any PKI related topic that you might be interested in and we can provide you with open and transparent information.

Let us improve the PKI together!

About PKI Consortium

The Public Key Infrastructure Consortium is comprised of leading organizations that are committed to improve, create and collaborate on generic, industry or use-case specific policies, procedures, best practices, standards and tools that advance trust in assets and communication for everyone and everything using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as well as the security of the internet in general. By engaging with users, regulators, supervisory bodies and other interested or relying parties the consortium can address actual issues.