3Key Welcome!

We are very excited about the 3Key Company.

For years we were working as information security experts, data analysts, consultants, developers, and this is just a few examples. Now, we would like to use our experience to help others do things better.

So who we are, initially?

What we have common is deep understanding of information security related topics and we see the security everywhere we go. We are not fans of so called ‘security through obscurity‘, security should not require secrecy, and it should not be a problem if it falls into enemy hands (you probably see reference to Kerckhoff’s principles).

When we decided to start our own business we were thinking about just right name which can correctly express what we would like to do and how. And we believe that we have found it 🙂

3Key Company, or you should pronounce it as /ˈtrɪki ˈkʌmpəni/.


We are building our culture on 3 main pillars: security, data intelligence, and consulting. This is what we believe should be our main areas and we are more than ready to show that all of these can be made simple and fun.

And what does it mean /ˈtrɪki/, written ‘tricky’? According Cambridge Dictionary: “If a piece of work or problem is tricky, it is difficult to deal with and needs careful attention or skill.” And this is exactly our approach. Everything we are doing is done like that.

However, our plans go behind all of this. So stay tuned as you will see more topics to come and all of them will be interesting 🙂

Don’t hesitate and contact us, we are sure you will stay with us long time.