3Key Company possesses a great ability to apply knowledge, experience, and skills to create unique solutions that anyone can rely on. The focus is put on information security, data intelligence, and consulting. 3Key Company helps to streamline business activities and protect critical assets. Trusted and recognized professionals utilizing innovative technologies can show you how to improve performance and reduce costs.

We are looking for exceptional people with various talents, who want to learn modern technologies and participate on their further development, and their application in an innovative and sustainable way. 

Currently open positions

Working at 3Key Company provides you with the opportunity to get a hands-on experience with the latest technologies and face todays security challenges.
We are always dedicated to delivering the best value as trusted business and technology partner.

PKI Automation Engineer
Use best-in-class automation technology to simplify the public key infrastructure management.
PKI Specialist
Help design and maintain public key infrastructure effective and efficient all the time.
IT Security Consultant
Work with customers and integrate information security into everyday tasks.
Software Developer
Develop products and solutions with our team to protect digital information everywhere it is used.

Our vision

We are living in a digital world, where anything is possible. Smart devices are becoming key in our everyday lives, supporting more and more of our daily tasks. But we need to have a trust in technology to move forward. We in 3Key Company are committed to secure our digital future by bringing:

Recognized as subject matter experts​

Share experience and knowledge across the industry, participate in communities in order to improve.​

Technical consulting & advisory​

Provide technical insight into topics that are consulted. Giving advise based on the technical knowledge of the solution or a problem.

Hands-on experience​

Having hands-on experience with all services and solutions we provide, we help our customers to understand implications, impacts and ways forward.


Working with technology companies and tight collaboration allows us to provide best user experience and excellent results of our work.

End-to-end solutions

We can see the connections between systems, technologies and business objectives, which enables us to understand the solution from  end-to-end perspective.

3Key Culture

What does it mean /ˈtrɪki/, written ‘tricky’?
According to Cambridge Disctionary: “If a piece of work or problem is tricky, it is difficult to deal with and needs careful attention or skill.”
And this is exactly our approach.

Technologies can be applied and operated in convenient, secure, and affordable way.​

Our mantra is to be innovative and trusted in the things we do.

We strongly support education, encouraging new knowledge.

Open, respectful, and trusted environment, where new ideas can thrive.