PCI DSS Consulting for the biggest acquiring network in Czechia


Bankovní informační technologie, s.r.o. (BANIT) is a hundred percent subsidiary of the Československá obchodní banka, a.s. (ČSOB) – the biggest bank in Czechia, part of KBC Group. The company provides to its customers acquiring services for cashless payments for goods and services via a payment gateway and payment terminal (POS terminals) and ensures their supply, installation, and subsequent operation. The company assures services for the provisioning of the acquiring services within the Czech Republic for the clients of ČSOB, but also for instance an operation of the terminal network of the Czech Post. POS terminals and the offered solutions can provide also other functionalities – solution for charging and inspection of fares on the public transport, charging of the mobile phones, loyalty programs for companies, CashBack, acquiring of the specialized petrol cards, eToll Payments etc. BANIT owned and operated infrastructure is also used for the provisioning of the acquiring services in Hungary for the clients of the KBC Bank.

Building, operation and development of the infrastructure for payment cards.

Customer Requirements

Operation of the biggest network of Payment terminals in the Czech Republic and provisioning of the payment processing services even internationally within the KBC group is a mammoth task. The traffic within the electronic payment infrastructure is steadily growing, which requires additional investments to the infrastructure. It is always necessary to innovate and provide new services to the market. At the same time the operation of the existing services must be upheld. Even these services require further adjustment, and this development is mainly driven by the need to meet the security requirements according to the specific mandates issued by the payment card associations. The associations requirements are defined for the global market and must be therefore general to a certain extent. The correct interpretation of the requirements with regards to their application to the existing systems or counseling, how to address the ongoing development of the infrastructure to ensure compliance and efficiency in the long run, can help BANIT to make the right decisions by the efficient resource allocation. 


3Key has long term experience and knowledge with the design of the systems in line with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards 3Key Specialists also have the qualification to assess and certify such environments according to the valid standards defined by the PCI Council. BANIT has therefore decided to use the possibility to cooperate with 3Key in the long run and have some of the issues related to compliance and system development assessed by 3Key. This way BANIT gains the opportunity to obtain the opinion of the Qualified Assessor on the complex issues of the compliance with the PCI DSS standards, which can be interpreted in various ways given the specific configuration of the payment services. 3Key also helps by the decision making about new services and investments, where 3Key provides to BANIT the insight of experienced professionals with regards to the complexity of the provisioning of the potential new services with regards to their security, compliance and other operational needs.

Solution Benefits

  • Tailored consulting for specific issues, which are relevant for BANIT
  • Possibility to gain the opinions of several QSA on PCI Compliance issues
  • Flexibility, where a capacity can be provided according to the up to date needs of BANIT
  • Knowledge of the BANIT system environment and of the specific regulatory needs for the Czech Market
  • Possibility of the additional service provisioning in the PCI Compliance area also for the partners and customers of BANIT

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