Building ISMS for a digital bank

About Creative Dock

Creative Dock is a Czech company, which specialises in development of new companies, or products, or digitisation of existing companies. Creative Dock creates new ways to generate value and revenue through digital transformation in the fintech, insurtech, healthcare, ecommerce, energy, and automotive industries. In these industries there were more than 60 companies expanded by Creative Dock in 10 countries.

We build companies. From idea to scale.

Customer Requirements

The customer needed an ISMS security policy for a new company FAIRO Bank part of the multinational Raiffeisen Bank group. Creative Dock moto is to build a company from scratch to scale, so even by this project they needed a security policy, that will stand the proof of time by the client bank growth, and in front of the regulators across several countries.


The ISMS was designed based on the best practices, especially ISO, GDPR, PCI and other banking requirements. The policy was discussed with the customer and prepared according to their needs to be properly implemented and support the business goals. 3Key team also oversaw its successful implementation to the customer environment.

Solution Benefits

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