The activity provided by the State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre (ČÚZK) includes the state administration of the real estate cadastre, including the registration of property rights to real estate and surveying activities in the public interest, for example, the management of geodetic foundations, the basic geographic data base, the creation of orthophotos or basic maps of the Czech Republic.

ČÚZK provides information mainly digitally, through remote access services including viewing the real estate cadastre over the internet. Viewing provides basic orientation in cadastral maps and information on property ownership. Basic information about the entries in the real estate cadastre is provided free of charge to any user over the internet. Free information through remote access is also provided to other public administration bodies. ČUZK also provides paid services. These mainly consist of extracts from the real estate cadastre, but also, for example, overviews of real estate ownership on a larger territorial scale.

State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre

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The degree of digitization of ČÚZK agendas has long exceeded the standard among other Czech authorities. The quality of the map documents, other real estate data, as well as the technological solutions used, ranks ČÚZK among the best cadastral offices in the world. Ensuring a high degree of reliability, security and availability of its systems is absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of all agendas that this institution provides for the Czech Republic. That is why ČÚZK decided to also address the area of certificates and cryptographic keys that are used to ensure trust and security within its IT network. ČÚZK does not operate Kubernetes, so it decided to use the option of installing CZERTAINLY as a virtual appliance. The aim of ČÚZK was, first of all, to obtain a single pane of glass with complete information about all certificates that are operated in the network, in order to ensure proper monitoring and overview of all assets. This record can be used, for example, to document compliance in relation to the European NIS2 regulation and related NÚKIB regulations.


3Key provided a virtual appliance with the current version of CERTAINLY platform. ČÚZK installed the tool in its network and then scanned its network and connected internal certification authorities. Subsequently, thanks to the tool, it gained an overview of all certificates operated within the ČÚZK network, namely certificates issued by internal certification authorities, but also all trusted certificates that were purchased and issued by external certification authorities. ČÚZK particularly appreciates the fact that the information is not kept in some Excel sheet, where its quality depends on how it was entered into the table, but is maintained within the platform, where the information always corresponds to the real state of the issued certificates and their location within the network.

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