eIDAS SignServer: Dashboarding, reporting, and monitoring

No solution is ever complete without control over its operations. The same applies to the eIDAS package for the SignServer. That is why the DMR for the SignServer is an integral part of the package. The DMR stands for the Dashboards, Monitoring, and Reporting, and it provides a comprehensive solution to visualize digital signature operations and its attributes in time.

Dashboards give you an overview of the overall SignServer operations and health. With zoom in/out and using time filters you can quickly access details you need.

Monitoring provides you with all your operation center information needs accessed quickly. Identify a particular signing/validation operation or system part efficiently and streamline the incident response procedures to minimizes costs.

Prepare and distribute Reporting. There are different information requirements when  SignServer operations are reported to your customers or management. All of these are now easily configured and scheduled to be distributed on a regular basis.

How DMR works

The DMR seamlessly integrates with the SignServer. Whether you have one single instance or  SignServer cluster, it is very easy to enable the DMR and gain benefits from all of its features. In case you would like to enable DMR, we just provide you with your credentials, and you can start using the service immediately.

The following is a high level overview of the DMR:

DMR is collecting information from the SignServer instances in the cluster and provides a comprehensive overview and details in a visualized form. The data is essential for the DMR, and once you have it connected with the SignServer, you can start building your own dashboards, automation, and even predict the behavior patterns using machine learning and performance of your cluster.

Predefined dashboard

The predefined dashboard consists of the following information:

  • Administrator operations distribution
  • Most active administrators
  • Total count of activity in time
  • System events distribution
  • Timestamping status ratio
  • Worker counts of processed requests
  • CryptoToken and related cryptographic key usage distribution
  • Most active workers
  • Global map of the incoming worker requests

Data structure and management is tailored for specific SignServer use cases. You can design your own dashboards in minutes.

DMR use cases

There are many use cases for the DMR using with the SignServer, for example:

  • Monitoring specific signing service and providing regular reports
  • Automated provisioning and decommissioning of SignServer instance based on the performance metrics
  • Optimizing cryptographic operations on HSMs
  • Predicting the behavior of the SignServer using machine learning (e.g. predicting failures, performance issues)
  • Visibility and compliance evidence for TSAs
  • Monitoring of the validation services and ETL

You might find (and probably will) other interesting use cases that DMR can support.

DMR as a Service (DMRaaS)

If you would like to start using the DMR but do not want to maintain it, we are ready to propose a DMR as a Service. With this cloud version of DMR it only requires a single activation, and you’ll receive a set of credentials that enables you to use DMR immediately.

You’ll benefit from all the DMR features, while we take care of maintaining the solution and infrastructure. New versions of DMR with additional features are provided as part of the subscription without any additional charge.

Get the overview you need on activities within your signing solution.
See all signing and system operations
Regardless of when you start using the DMR for the SignServer.
Out-of-the-box deployment
Use pre-defined and tailored templates or define your own.
Enable real-time monitoring of signing attributes or system performance in one place.
Predefined and customer reports available.
Define and schedule alerts to be aware of changes and sustain compliance.

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