Next Generation Payments

Next Generation Payments

The future is cashless. Electronic transfers of funds have become a standard in the digital era. But how to operate, manage and innovate different technologies, people and processes to stay on top of the ever evolving digital world? Payment and shopping habits of consumers change, are you ready to follow?

Payment Security

Payment systems are a high value target for criminal entities and hackers. Security needs to be in the DNA of any payment solution as these systems are directly connected with finances. All entities using and operating payment systems need to comply with security frameworks and baselines. Our experts are ready to help you comply and implement next generation of security controls.

  • Payment Tokenization

  • Biometrics

  • Encryption and Post Quantum

  • Security Standards Compliance

  • 3D Secure 2

  • Payment Services Directive 2

Payment Innovation

  • Instant P2P Payments

  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay

  • Digital Wallets

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

  • Payment UX

  • IoT and 5G Networks

The worlds strives on innovation. The new generation of consumers was born in the world where digital content is created and consumed instantly, anytime and anywhere. This creates a constant pressure to evolve legacy payment systems. A modern payment needs to be fast a frictionless. We have experience with the payment technologies that make today headlines to help you grow and stay one step ahead of your competition.was

Payment Interoperability

The back-ends of payment infrastructure tends to be based on a monolithic technology stack, composed of large and inflexible systems. But the future requires the use of open and flexible systems to quickly adapt and meet market needs. Reorganizations or replacements are by nature very costly and time consuming. We are here to help you gain the momentum to become agile in the payment industry.

  • Payment Card Portfolio management

  • Payment Technology Stack replacement

  • Fintech integrations

  • ISO 20022 Implementation

  • Business Intelligence and Big Data processing

  • Cloud Deployment

Our Added Value

We have experience with end to end implementation of payment systems from dozens of projects. Whenever building a solution from scratch or updating an existing legacy system, you can be sure you will get a solution that is secure, future-proof and reliable.


We help companies analyse their current solutions and provide architectural, logical and physical designs to satisfy the business needs of our customers


We have experience with state of the art technologies used in the payment market. We design and build solutions that are truly the next generation.


Our professionals have years of experience in operations. We know how to build uninterupted services with seemless deployment of changes.


We build systems with the regulatory and security requirements in mind. We bring into the projects extensive experience with payment industry assessments.