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We are living in a digital world with endless possibilities. Smart devices became part of our daily habits and we rely on technology in our private life as well as work more then ever before. But to truly tap into this potential of integrating our lives with technology we need trust. We in 3Key are committed to secure our digital future:

Recognized as a subject matter experts​

"Share experience and knowledge across the industry, participate in communities in order to improve."

We are recognized as subject matter experts in information security, especially within the PKI and Certificate Life-cycle Management, Payment Card Industry and Payment security. And we do believe that we are successful in it. But we also understand that turning ideas into reality requires diversity in experiences and knowledge. We are not afraid to share our ideas, as we believe that transparency of sharing thoughts enables understanding and leads to successful implementations.

We’re supporting and participating on conferences, workshops, and events, presenting ourselves and our solutions and ideas on the market, for example:

  • Banking Card Associations, where we educate participants in terms of Payment Card Industry security standards and trying to establish robust framework for compliance efforts, collaborating with banks, service providers, merchants and also security assessors.
  • Trainings and workshops, tailored to have a practical approach, meaning you can learn through real use-cases and implementations.
  • Blogs, where we can present our ideas, description of technical solutions to help you understand the topic, and provide a necessary detail about common issues in the field of information security.

Technical consulting & advisory​

"Provide technical insight into topics that are consulted. Advise should be provided based on the technical knowledge of the solution."

There are many companies providing consulting and advisory services. We believe a basic prerequisite to give a good advise is to have a technical insight into the topic in question. This is our main approach to help you solve the issue and maximize support for your business goals.

It is part of our job to continuously learn new technologies and understand their advantages and disadvantages. We then transform this knowledge into use cases. Some technologies we focused our skill gains in the year 2020:

  • Container based environment and its operation
  • Infrastructure as a code
  • JavaScript front-end frameworks
  • Machine learning

Hands-on experience​

"We are proving ourselves with the hands-on experience of the technology and solutions provided. We can help our customers to understand implications and impacts of different decisions."

This is one of our main principles. We do not talk about something we do not have hands-on experience with. Hands-on experience gives us much better understanding of the technology or solution. This can be recognized during speeches and discussions on various solutions with our customers and partners.

And it is still true, the hands-on experience is part of our continuous learning process and we encourage all of our staff to spend time with some real use-cases and become familiar with all positive and negative aspects of the technology in question.


"Working with technology companies and tight collaboration with our partners allows us to provide best user experience and excellent results."

In a connected world you cannot afford to work alone, therefore our collaboration with partners is very important not only from business perspective, but also technical and knowledge sharing.

Achieving good product, service, or solution is not possible without collaboration. And we are happy that we have established many, for example:

  • financial services corporations (card brands, payment card industry)
  • vendors of security technologies (hardware security platforms, PKI technologies, network security)
  • security advisory companies (collaboration to deliver projects)

End-to-end solutions​

"We can see the connections between systems and technologies, which enables us to understand the solution from the end-to-end perspective."

All of the above helps us to understand the “bigger picture”. Our customers benefit from our ability to understand the connections between different technologies and see the impact on the business and different areas of organisations. This is the reason why we are trying to provide the end-to-end solutions and share different perspectives with the people we are working with.

We are working for example on the following end-to-end solutions:

  • Certificate life-cycle management, how to effectively work with certificates, preserving the security and trust
  • Remote signing and sealing solution, providing appropriate level of trust and compliance
  • Vulnerability monitoring solution, building awareness of the vulnerabilities in real-time
  • PKI as a Service, enabling customers to use certificates without spending a lot of costs for establishing their own infrastructure and resources
  • Compliance services to help entities working with the payment cards to achieve security and compliance
Some of them you might already know, as we provide regular updates about our progress.

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