eIDAS Compliant Qualified Seal​

Electronic seals are the equivalent of electronic signatures for data/documents, but it applies to data/documents generated solely by machines.

A Qualified Electronic Seal is an EU approved tool used for signing documents by large legal entities, such as joint-stock companies, limited-liability companies and public institutions. It is a proof of will based on trust, which guarantees integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of signed documents or data of any kind.

In the digital era, the digitalization of workflows holds the keys to competitive business by reducing time and cost connected with document management. By levering solutions implementing the Qualified Electronic Seals, legal entities can ensure that the signatures are an equivalent of a qualified electronic signature used by natural persons.

The 3Key Company solution is an on premises eIDAS Qualified Electronic Seal system where preferably the complete workflow of document preparation, sealing, distribution and archiving happens in one step. The solution is especially interesting for organizations with the need for scalable performance in providing documents to their clients and flexible integration options.

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    Benefits and Functionalities

    Unlimited amount of generated seals without any marginal cost per seal
    Mass sealing with very high capacity – more than 30 million seals per hour
    Ensures the highest level of personal data protection and GDPR compliance
    Lowering the time and costs necessary to process and sign documents/data
    Possible replacement of historic solution by chip cards and card readers
    Non-repudiation, confirmed authenticity and guaranteed integrity of data/documents
    Ideal for mass processing of documents or data with high level of automation
    Support of long term archiving and qualified timestamps
    Flexible integration options with existing solutions for digital signing
    Highest quality assurance in B2B and B2C relations for all types of data transfer or transactions
    A tool for the creation of qualified electronic seals (QSCD) in line with eIDAS regulatory framework and ETSI technical standards
    Support for a broad variety of various systems for document and data management (CRM,ERP)

    Use Cases for Qualified Seal

    Document validation
    Electronic invoicing
    Email communication
    Business proposals
    Statements and reports
    Mass notifications
    Digital archiving
    Terms and conditions
    Financial reporting
    Legally binding documents
    Incoming documents

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      Qualified Local Mass Seal Architecture

      Typical deployment

      Typical sealing process

      Regulatory Compliance

      eIDAS signature formats

      • ETSI EN 319 142 – PDF Advanced Electronic Signature Profiles (PAdES)
      • ETSI EN 319 132 – XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES)
      • ETSI EN 319 122 – CMS Advanced Electronic Signatures (CAdES)
      • ETSI TS 119 182-1 – JSON Advanced Electronic Signatures (JAdES)
      • ETSI EN 319 162 – Associated Signature Containers (ASiC)
      • ETSI EN 319 422 – Time-stamping protocol and time-stamp token profiles


      EN 419 221-5

      Protection Profiles for TSP Cryptographic Modules – Part 5: Cryptographic Module for Trust Services


      CEN/TS 419 221-6

      Conditions for use of EN 419221-5 as a qualified electronic signature or seal creation device

      ENISA related to EN 419 221-5

      One could perfectly use this PP for devices that are not managed by a TSP. A device certified against this PP may be used by users that wish to store they signing keys remotely, as it would be the case e.g. for a legal person implementing a QSCD to issue qualified seals. Even if the PP is suitable for cryptographic modules used by QTSP, the PP can be used for devices other than TYPE 2 ones.









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