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Certificate Lifecycle Management Training

Certificate lifecycle management training gives you understanding on the current trends in the management of enterprise public key infrastructure and different use-cases to secure, establish, and maintain trust between different parties in digital world.

Digital certificates are important for protecting our privacy. Certificate management can be a complex task, especially in the case of inappropriate architecture and management from the very beginning.

One of the trends is to shorten the validity of the certificate in order to prevent upcoming threats and to renew the certificates themselves and its private key more often. Without managing the entire certificate lifecycle, we are exposed to vulnerabilities that can compromise our data.

Another significant trend is the automation of the certificate lifecycle from the generation of private keys to the issuance and distribution of the certificate to end entities.


1/2 a day intensive training

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What you can expect?

After training you will

Training highlights

  • Experienced Lectors

    Training has been developed and provided by PKI specialist with long-term experience in building and maintaining chains of trust, various digital certificate applications, including the certificate lifecycle management, orchestration and automation of certificate lifecycle.

  • Certificate of completion

    Completing the training you will receive the certificate of completion.
    The certificate can be used to proof your knowledge about certificate lifecycle management and automation.

  • Venue

    Training is provided online with the possibility to interact with the lector and ask questions.
    However, we are able to visit you in your premises and provide the training face to face, if needed.

  • Audience

    Training is intended for:

    • Chief technology and information officers
    • Managers of information security
    • PKI architects
    • Leading roles in information security
    • Business / Product owners
    • PKI engineers and software developers

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