PKI Training

Public Key Infrastructure Training

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is an important component in building digital trust. In this training you will learn what role cryptography plays in connection with PKI and what are the main advantages and disadvantages of this infrastructure.

As the PKI is the backbone for the security of the network infrastructure and applications, we need to understand the difference between various approaches we can take in building the robust PKI.

We will show you how to build PKI that is sustainable and resistant to external influences. We will look into applications of PKI such as digital signing, validation, authentication, but also on the legislative framework, eIDAS and the WebTrust and CAB Forum standards. We will also look at the future of PKI, trends, and the latest technologies.


1 day intensive training

Supported Languages




What you can expect?

After training you will

Training highlights

  • Experienced Lectors

    Training has been developed and provided by PKI specialist with long-term experience in building and maintaining chains of trust, various digital certificate applications, including the cryptography experts in asymmetric ciphers.

  • Certificate of completion

    Completing the training you will receive the certificate of completion.
    The certificate can be used to proof your knowledge about the PKI, its principles, and building the resilient and trusted solutions.

  • Venue

    Training is provided online with the possibility to interact with the lector and ask questions.
    However, we are able to visit you in your premises and provide the training face to face, if needed.

  • Audience

    Training is intended for:

    • Chief technology and information officers
    • Managers of information security
    • PKI architects
    • Leading roles in information security
    • Business / Product owners
    • PKI engineers and software developers

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    For more information, to schedule a training session, or just to ask question, you can always use our contact form.