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Works with EJBCA

For a serious security professional, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) represents the baseline of digital protection and trust. As the PKI grows and more certificates are issued, the management of certificate lifecycle becomes challenging. In order to maintain control and to comply with standards it is important to have good visibility on each certificate and its attributes. This is where the DMR can help.

Works with SignServer

Remote digital signing enables users to create and validate digital signatures independent of time and place. Thus, saving time and improving quality compared to normal paper-based processes. SignServer is a great solution for reliable and compliant centralized signing operations. DMR ensures visibility on enforced security policies for each signature, including who signed what and when.

DMR is a solution for missing reporting feature of EJBCA and SignServer

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Overview of operations in time

See all administrator and user operations in real-time in one single view.

Reporting and statistics

Find relevant data and schedule reporting to not miss any important information.

Custom visualizations and dashboard

Use out-of-the-box visualizations and dashboars, or create your own.

Monitoring and notification

Setup automated monitoring of events and trigger notification to react on time.

DMR in few steps


On your existing cluster, or use ready made Helm charts to deploy DMR in your environment literally in few minutes.


Connect your EJBCA and/or SignServer instances and clusters with the DMR solution to collect data.


Configure DMR solution, add users and their access permissions, setup dashboards and automation.


Make yourself comfortable and discover all the benefits of using DMR for EJBCA and/or SignServer. 

Get your DMR now and explore new possibilities!

DMR enables you with easy and convenient reporting and monitoring capabilities for both EJBCA and SignServer.

About EJBCA and SignServer

EJBCA Enterprise covers all your needs for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Management.

A server-side digital signature software used to sign digital documents, PDFs and code, and to issue time stamps.