Encryption Management

Cryptographic Issues and Information Leakage are most common types of flaws in applications.

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We are using encryption on a daily basis and may not be aware of it. Confidentiality of digital communication has become important integral part of secure and reliable solutions. Current trends show that the use of encryption is on the rise within all industries. Are your solutions secure and ready?

Encryption Management (also known as Cryptographic Key Management) is the set of techniques and procedures that support the establishment and maintenance of keying relationships between the authorized parties.

Most significant threats to sensitive or confidential data

Employee mistakes
System malfunction
Temporary workers

Cryptographic Key Lifecycle

Each cryptographic key has its own lifecycle. It goes through the generation of keying material using random number generator, to its formal usage in application and systems, and the key is retired and logically and physically destroyed at the end of its life. This helps us to understand the status of the keys in each stage during the time and to prevent misuse, which can lead to compromise and replacement of the whole hierarchy of keys, with huge impact on the operation and business. Properly designed lifecycle has its benefits of avoiding loss of information and protecting sensitive data in each point in time.

Encryption Management Strategy

Discovery and Inventory

Know where all keys reside, how to quickly identify them, and have the overall idea of the impact to the business in any case.

Appropriate Technology

Appropriate technology helps us to effectively manage numbers of keys and their lifecycle, providing automation, monitoring, and reporting.

Proper Data Classification

Know which data is sensitive and how much do we need to protect the data, what are the risks and threats.

Training and Awareness

Train personnel and provide enough information to employees in order to understand the purpose of encryption management.

Cryptography is the backbone for every information security!

We are ready to help you understand risks and impact of encryption management strategies.

Standards and Regulations Needs Encryption

We have long term experience with encryption and cryptography, knowledge of market leading technologies and are keen on supporting you becoming secured. You do not have to worry about your sensitive data with us. We are ready to help you with:

Creating encryption key management architecture and procedures 

Defining cryptographic keys lifecycle and inventory

Monitoring of standards and regulations compliance

Integrating systems and solution with proper key management

Hardware security modules (HSMs, tokens, smart cards)

Application cryptography design and implementation

Cloud migration and protecting hybrid environments

Achieving agility within the key management

We are working with CZERTAINLY

CZERTAINLY is a platform that brings easy and convenient solution to protect our baseline security in every day digital communication by assuring and automating cryptographic keysdigital certificates, and digital signature as part of trust services lifecycle.